31 May 2011


I took the day off to help install Bob's mom's graffiti art show - KA-POW.  This work is so vibrant and expressive, just as the woman herself, Kirby Kendrick.  Check out her website Kirbykendrick.com to see all of her fabulous art.  The show is at PRESENT space (presentspace.org)939 NW Glisan 97209.  If you are in Portland come down for 1st Thursday, June the 2nd.
Kirby is a true inspiration, following her heart and coming to her prolific art career later in life.  I always remind myself of her when I'm feeling unaccomplished and that the lifetime clock is ticking too fast. 

This is a video of the show up at the San Diego Art Institute Museum.

25 May 2011

from scraps...

With help from Bobby, I made these coasters out of scraps from a patio made with Montana Hot Springs flagstone. They slivered off pretty easily, then I backed them with cork.

Tucson spring

Carnegiea gigantea,
Saguaro Cactus
The Saguaro cactus is native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, Mexico, and a small part of Baja California.  It does not grow anywhere else in the world. They can live up to 150 yrs., and don't grow a side arm until they are about 75 yrs. old.  Their maximum height is about 50 ft.
Being surrounded by the spiny arms of a Saguaro forest is a surreal and majestic place to be. Arms up, arms down, these plants dot the horizon like beacons of resilience.
Saguaro skeleton
Living in the Pacific Northwest, I forget that wood is not the go-to building material.  Tucson is replete with beautiful rusty metal.  This was one of my favorites. Total genius! Think about how many old box springs are tossed aside to head to the dump. 
box spring fence
solar system gate
These photos were taken at Azure Gate B&B, a 5 acre oasis located about 30 mins. from downtown Tucson. It is teaming with birds, desert wildlife, and plants that I love.  The hosts are incredibly friendly and the breakfast blew out all of my preconceived notions about B&B breakfasts. I would highly recommend a stay here!

24 May 2011


Cedar fence with corrugated metal gate built by LBK "Chips", Bobby, & me.  It rained the whole time except for about 2 hours.

I Break Horses

Ethereal, gorgeous video and song by Bella Union, directed by Alex Southam. Stop motion dreams...


Raised beds are indispensable in the garden, but I'm not a fan of the standard short wooden boxes. This is my response to them.  These are 27" tall, so you don't have to crouch down to work in them.
This one is 4'x8', 27" tall.  I fill the bottom 10" or so with rock for good drainage, ideally something lightweight like pumice. These were painstakingly filled with all of the dug up/found piles of rocks in the yard.

4'x4' cedar/metal combo
If you're in Portland, and interested in your own cedar and metal raised beds call or email for a quote.