about aristata land arts

The mission of Aristata Land Arts is to create outdoor spaces in residential dwellings and commercial properties that are thoughtfully designed, personally meaningful, and highly functional. 

I have been working in the landscape industry for ten years. My passion for Landscape Design and plants started from a tree pruning job at a Japanese Spa in Santa Fe, NM over ten years ago. I moved to Portland six years ago and soon thereafter started my own garden maintenance business. After a few years of that I realized I wanted to go back to school to study design and be eligible to get my Landscape Contractor's License. After a 2 year program at PCC, I obtained a Landscape Technology Certificate with a concentration in Design. I also have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Humboldt State University in northern California.

I use structural plants, natural hardscape elements, and human built features to recreate visual and tactile experiences of natural landscapes. One of the most important considerations is to produce a similar "feeling" of a natural landscape into a built one. What does it feel like physically and emotionally when walking through a Pacific Northwest forest or while perched on a rock overlooking a high desert vista? This includes shapes, sounds, colors, and smells, as well as feelings of peacefulness and tranquility or a sense of motivation and progress.

When designing, I talk to the client to understand their backgrounds and their needs and wants for a landscape. I also draw on my own experiences of landscape study, practical knowledge, and familiarity of our local climate and conditions. Most spaces speak for themselves and we will work to amplify the positive and desirable qualities.

Working in a sustainable way is of utmost importance to my designs and practices, from material sourcing to considerations of water usage, plant tolerances, and stormwater management. I believe an installed landscape should be able to exist without excessive inputs of water, pesticides, herbicides, or time & energy, and should thrive with our natural weather patterns.